Method to my Madness


#this is why you can’t join the avengers peter for fuck’s sake

Idea for the next ac game:



no balloon furniture

i spent like 5 minutes trying to figure out what assassins creed game had balloon furniture in it



Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that Amy Adams had to hold a live fish in her mouth. A LIVE FREAKING FISH

Let’s talk about the fact that the receptionist is Jodie Benson, the voice of Ariel.


i fuckng love it when shows geared to younger kids show how disgusting it is to make uncomfortable advances towards someone you wanna go on a date with and how most of the time the response is a repetitive ‘ew gross get away from me’ or ‘i do like the idea of putting you on a train and sending you far, far away’ like hell yea

I just rewatched Thor and...

Loki: I'm a Frost Giant. People will think I'm a monster.
Loki: How can I keep people from thinking I'm a monster?
Loki: Genocide. Genocide will keep people from thinking I'm a monster.



Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.


Video Game Environments: (1/)
Assassin’s Creed 4 // Water Porn

Shingeki no tears




i get bloody noses a lot and i can usually feel it about 30 seconds before it starts dripping. today in class my nose started to bleed. but right before, I turned to this very religious boy who sits next to me and whispered “hail satan” as my nose started to drip. he freaked and fell back and hit his head. he had to go home for the rest of the day.